Broadcast a Live Event

Broadcast a Live Event With Windows Media

 There are now 3 most used encoders  for live webcast streaming. Adobe Flash Media Encoder, Microsoft Expression Encoder, and an older Microsoft version called Windows Media Encoder 9. For more information and step by step instructions on how to download the encoders and on how to set them up please click on this link here
Here we will walk you through the process of setting up your Windows Media Encoder. From the new session wizard select “Broadcast a live event”. Then click the ok button.

Select the device or devices you want to stream from. Click next.

(For a PULL Broadcast) Select “Pull from the encoder” and click next.

(For a PUSH Broadcast) Select “Push from the encoder” and click next.

(For a PULL Broadcast) Enter the http Port as 8080 and click next.

(For PUSH version) Enter the servername and the publishing point provided from your hosting company and click next.

Select multiple bit rate from the drop menu and then check the rate or rates that you want to stream at. Make sure not to select more than 80% of your internet connections upload speed. If you are selecting multiple bitrates you need to add all of the rates together to find out the total rate that you are trying to send out. Once you have selected your rates click finish.

(For a PULL Broadcast) Click start encoding at the top of the encoder window to start your live broadcast.

(For a PUSH Broadcast) A username and password window will pop up. Enter the username and password that your host provided and click ok. Then click start encoding at the top of the encoder window to start your live broadcast.