Broadcast a Live Event With Expression Encoder 4

Begin by downloading the encoder:

1.) Select “Live Broadcasting Project”.

2.) Next, select the Output Tab.

3.) Check the Streaming checkbox.

4.) Click on “Publishing Point” and input your location Click “Connect”.

5.) Next, select your desired streaming profile by clicking on ‘presets’ on the top right. Click the triangle next to ‘Standard Encoding’ , and then the triangle next to ‘VC-1’ to show the options. What you choose here, will determine the quality of the video. The higher quality you select, the higher datarate the client will need to view the content. We suggest you select either VC-1 256k DSL or VC-1 512k DSL.

6.) Click “Apply”

7.) Now you will need to add your Live Source ( audio and/or video sources ) To do this, find the ‘Live Sources’ area on the left hand side – middle of the program. Click the “+” symbol which you can see right above the tab for file sources – in the Live Sources area.

8.) Next , select an option from the ‘Video Device’ drop down menu. You should see your camera, or other input device from your computer in this list. Do the same for your ‘Audio Device’ drop down menu.

9.) Once you have your devices chosen , look again to the top left hand corner “live sources’ section and Click the “Cue” button to initialize your devices to be used for streaming.

10.) You are now ready to start broadcasting. Just click the Start button in the middle of the encoder.

11.) Your encoder should now be streaming from your source.