How to Setup Pay-Per-View

How to Setup a Pay Per View Website

Pay-Per-View (PPV) provides a service by which viewers can purchase audio and video programs that are available over the Internet. The owner of the content streams the event over the Internet at the same time. Everyone that ordered it is then granted access to view the live or achived broadcast. Programs can be purchased directly from the Internet. Events may include movies from the film industry, sporting events and much more.

Pay-per-view is by far the easiest way to directly monetize your content. With ppv you choose the pricing as well as how much access the viewer gets to the content. Once the viewer pays they gain access until the restrictions you set expire.

Selling audio and video content on the web can be easy, simple, and profitable. If you own audio or video content that you feel is valuable enough to sell you’re almost there.

To Setup a Pay Per View Webcast:

1) Use a Content Management System by uploading the system to your server or using a host that offer Content Management with Pay Per View Services. Within this technology you will be able to secure your content and prevent unauthorized access.

2) Set the Pay Per View access parameters for your Live or Archived content. This will enable you to place restrictions on access to your content. Some of the parameters that can be set are: the number of downloads, number of views, limit the play time, limit by a specific date range. Once you have set these restrictions any access will have to be paid for first and once paid for the restriction you set will go into effect.

3) Select an ecommerce/payment partner to collect the funds. In most cases Paypal is the least complex system to setup. If you have an existing Paypal account you can grab the code from there and place it into your system so when someone pays to access your content the money will go directly to your account.

4) Place the link to your Pay Per View engaged content on your website. When a person clicks on the link they will first follow through the process of paying via your ecommerce partner and then will gain authorized access.

5) Promote the content to get people to your site to buy. This is the most important and most difficult part of all. This can be done using Google Adwords, blogging, emailing, print magazines and more.

We would recommend using a host that provides a ppv system directly. Hosting with a company that doesn’t provide a system allows users to bypass payment and share the link with others. Hosted ppv systems include server-side protection to block unauthorized access. offers a complete Pay-Per-View system as an add-on for a low flat monthly rate.