How to Webcast Live

How to setup and implement a Live Webcast:

1) A computer with a reliable Internet connection. For Windows Media format the computer will need to be windows based. Flash can be streamed from both Windows and OSX.2) Enough bandwidth on the upload speed of your Internet connection to cover the bit rate or bit rates you wish to send out. You need to add all of the rates you are going to stream together and make sure that they do not go over about 80% of your upload speed on your connection. For the best idea of your upload speed run speed tests at various times of day and use the lowest number as your upload speed. You can find a free speed test online at For audio streaming it is recommended to have a pci sound card installed instead of a integrated sound card. There tend to be more issues with integrated sound cards that come as part of the motherboard of the computer.

4) If you wish to do video as well as audio you will need to either use a firewire connection to your camera or have a video capture device for your computer. If possible firewire is the recommended method for connecting to your video source. If firewire is not available on your device then there are many companies and models of video capture devices on the market that will work as well. You will want to make sure that you purchase a device that is compatible with the encoding software that you are using. The manufacturer of the device should be able to tell you if it will work with the encoding software.

5) You will need to download the proper encoder for the type of stream you want to broadcast from the appropriate site below:Windows Media:


6) With a pull type connection you will need a static ip address for the server to connect to you. You will also need a free port on your network that the encoder can use. If you are behind a router you will need to set up port forwarding to forward the port on the router to the internal ip of your encoding computer. This setup can be done through the admin panel of your router.  For push type connections no router configuration is needed.

7) If you are behind a firewall you will need to ensure that connections to and from the encoder are not being blocked. With a pull connection you will want to allow connections to the port that you chose for the encoder. With push type connections the connection should go over port 80 so there will be no conflict with your firewall.

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