Why Use Streaming Media

The Values of Using Streaming Media

Pay-Per-View SystemsSelling Audio and Video content Charge a predetermined amount of money for access to your video clips or to a live webcast. Hosting a Pay-Per-View event can be accomplished  at AudioVideoweb.
Track Customer Views via Live Streaming Reports This will enable you to track daily usage to determine who your audience is as well as which live webcast or video has been viewed more.
Digital Rights Management Secure your Windows Media content preventing fraud and illegal       usage.
Place ads before or after your content Creating playlist where you place your content in a specific order.
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Run your archived material live and charge to view it This is a simulated live capability so you can create a playlist of archived material and set a start time where the content will run on the server. It will give the effect of a live broadcast and enables you the ability to sell your material like TV stations do.

Video Presentations of New Product Lines Give Live demonstration to your sales force or to customers of a new product line.